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  1. Fluke CableIQ

    Copper qualification tester troubleshoots and qualifies cabling speed (10/100/1000/VoIP). CableIQ qualification tester is the first cabling bandwidth tester for network technicians. This network cable tester gives even the most novice tech the vision to see what speeds existing cabling can support, quickly isolate cabling from network problems, and discover what is at the far end of any cable.
    • Qualifies - Tests if your existing cabling has the bandwidth to support voice, 10/100, VoIP or Gigabit Ethernet
    • Troubleshoots - shows why existing network cabling cannot support the network's bandwidth requirement (e.g. crosstalk at 11 meters)
    • Discovers - detects what's at the end of any cable and displays device configuration (speed/duplex/pairing)
    • Identifies unused switch ports that can be reallocated
    • Graphically maps wiring configuration and shows distance to faults with Intelligent Wiremap
    • Tests all copper cabling media: twisted-pair, coax, and audio cabling

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  2. Fluke DSX-5000

    The DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™ is the copper certification solution and is part of the Versiv™ cabling certification product family. The Versiv line also includes fiber OLTS certification, OTDR and Wi-Fi analysis modules. Versiv is designed around the revolutionary ProjX™ management system and Taptive™ user interface. ProjX tracks jobs, to ensure they’re done correctly the first time, eliminating rework. With the Taptive user interface, instrument set-up and operation are made so simple, even operators with limited cabling skills can successfully test and troubleshoot a system. Analysis of measurement data and professional test reports are easy using the familiar LinkWare™ management software. Accelerates every step of the copper certification process
    • Compliant with proposed ISO (IEC WG9 Standard IEC61935-1) Level V accuracy requirements to 1000 MHz
    • Supports the complete suite of Resistance Unbalance standards needed for Power over Ethernet (PoE) – IEC61935-1 & 11801-1-4, IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-C.2
    • Next generation balance drafts – IEEE 802.3, TIA TR42.7
    • Ten second Cat 6A test time contributes to the fastest way to gain certification
    • Graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk and distance to shield faults for faster troubleshooting
    • Manage up to 12,000 test results with full graphics
    • Capacitive touchscreen allows quick tester setup with easily selectable cable types, standards and testing parameters
    • 1 billion links reported on LinkWare management software

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  3. Fluke DSX-600

    The DSX-600 from Fluke Networks provides essential Cat 6A and Class EA Copper Certification featuring ten second test times and advanced user interface. Manage jobs and testers from any smart device over Wi-Fi with LinkWare™ Live. Features legendary Fluke Networks reliability backed by worldwide support. Feature
    • Cat 6A and Class EA Copper Certification
    • Includes Channel Measurement Adapters; Optional rugged Permanent Link Adapters with removable test plug available
    • 10 second Cat 6A test time
    • ProjX™ Management System makes test setup fast and foolproof
    • HDTDX and HDTDR diagnostics pinpoint fault location
    • Integrates with LinkWare™ Live to manage jobs and testers from any smart device.
    • Quickly and easily create professional custom PDF reports with LinkWare™ PC.

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  4. Fluke Fiber OneShot™

    Easy-to-use Fiber test set to verify active fiber and distance to a break or end Fluke Networks' innovative, pocket-size Fiber OneShot Optical Test Set brings essential simplicity for traditionally complex single-mode fiber testing. Fiber OneShot Optical Test Set brings essential simplicity for traditionally complex single-mode fiber testing.
    • Light or No light -- is my fiber active? CheckActive alert
    • Distance to event (fault): Dirty end face/bulkhead and break or reflective event
    • Distance to event (end): End of fiber
    Fiber OneShot™ designed with intuitive one button test capability you are able to quickly (in just a few seconds) and accurately verify if a fiber is active; find the distance to a break, end, dirty end face/bulkhead or reflective event from zero to 9,999 feet (note* 0 - 6,000 meters displayed in meter mode) with no dead zone.

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  5. Fluke Fiber QuickMap™

    Fluke Networks’ Fiber QuickMap is an enterprise fiber troubleshooter that quickly and efficiently locates connections and breaks in multimode fiber. By instantly providing distances to failures such as high loss and high reflectance incidents, Fiber QuickMap is the must-have troubleshooter for any technician who works with fiber.
    • One-button testing – can be used straight out of the box with no user-setup required
    • Six-second test time, eliminating blind troubleshooting that can last hours
    • Locate multiple incidents in the channel to provide full visibility of any potentially problematic links and connections
    • Locate high loss incidents or breaks, the most common causes of multimode fiber failure
    • Locate and measure high reflective incidents, which cause poor network performance with bit error rates
    • Various kit configurations include additional diagnostics tools such as power meters, sources, and fiber inspection microscopes to facilitate Fiber Best Practices and to boost the troubleshooting capability of technicians

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  6. Fluke MicroScanner²

    Next-generation MicroScanner verifies voice/data/video cable and services with a revolutionary user interface. The MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier presents a revolutionary change in voice, data, and video cable testing. It starts by taking results from what was four different test modes and displaying them all at once – graphical wiremap, pair lengths, distance to fault, cable ID, and far end device.
    • Revolutionary Interface – graphical wiremap, length, cable ID, and distance to fault displayed on one screen
    • Multimedia Support – tests all common media types including RJ11, RJ45, Coax, with no need for adapters
    • IntelliTone Toning – locates virtually any cable or wire pair with IntelliTone digital and analog toning
    • VDV Service Detection – verifies today’s media services, including 10/100/1000 Ethernet, POTS, and PoE
    • Rugged Housing – integrated rubber holster enhances grip and makes it durable enough for the toughest jobs
    • Oversized Display – large, backlit LCD makes results crystal clear whether in bright sunshine or in a dark closet

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  7. Fluke MT-8200-60-KIT

    The IntelliTone™ Pro LAN Toner and Probe Series from Fluke Networks is the first toner and probe to offer digital and analog signaling all in one tool. That means it’s equipped with the most powerful cable location technologies for any work environment. Use digital mode to trace and locate data cabling safely and effectively on active networks. Use analog mode to isolate individual wire pairs, and trace voice, audio, and video cabling.
    • Eliminates confusion over cable location; decisively rejects noise and false signals
    • Locates the correct cable bundle
    • Isolates a cable within the bundle, despite cable bleed
    • Verifies twisted-pair installation with visual end-to-end continuity test (opens, shorts and reversed pairs)
    • Identifies individual wire pairs with new SmartTone™ analog toning
    • Simplifies signal interpretation in noisy environments with multiple LED indicators
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  8. Fluke OptiFiber® Pro OTDR

    OptiFiber® Pro is the industry’s first OTDR built from the ground up to meet the challenges of enterprise fiber infrastructures. This troubleshooting and certification tool combines uncomplicated power, unparalleled efficiency and the exact functions needed for troubleshooting campus, data center and storage fiber networks.
    • First OTDR with a smartphone user-interface
    • Industry's shortest event and attenuation dead zones
    • Accelerate fiber certification with the fastest set-up and trace times
    • Improve resource utilization with custom configurations for projects and users
    • Simplify use with "DataCenter OTDR™" mode and EventMap™ view
    • Custom project folders

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  9. Fluke SimpliFiber® Pro

    Simple-to-use fiber-loss tester with advanced time-saving features. Choose from various kits with configurations to meet your fiber verification, inspection, and cleaning needs.
    • Single-port, simultaneous dual-wavelength feature completes testing in half the time and saves measurements from both wavelengths into one record
    • Additional wavelengths of 1490 and 1625 nm
    • CheckActive™ feature emits an audible tone and displays an icon when a live fiber is detected, eliminating the need to set up a measurement
    • FindFiber™ Remote ID enables one individual to quickly identify cable connections or routings (especially useful at patch panels), eliminating the need for multiple technicians on opposite ends of a fiber link to match color combinations
    • Min/Max capability automates precision tracking of intermittent power fluctuations
    • Large internal memory save 1000 results which enables continuous testing and recording
    • LinkWare Cable Test Management software helps to analyze test results and create professional test reports
    • Various kit configurations for all “first line” fiber handling needs, including fiber verification, inspection, and cleaning – all housed in a professional, rugged carrying case
    • Mag Kit Strap Attachment - Strong rare earth magnet attaches to metal surfaces in the testing environment, allowing the technician to work "hands free"

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  10. FlukeFiber OneShot™ PRO

    Fiber OneShot PRO takes the complexity out of singlemode fiber testing by analyzing fiber links and measuring faults up to 15 miles in less than five seconds.. Whether you are troubleshooting FTTx, Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC), fiber links between Central Offices, or working on regional or rural access networks.
    • Measure up to 75,459 feet (23,000 metres) of fiber in seconds
    • Locate severe bends, high-loss splices, breaks and dirty connectors in singlemode fiber
    • Save and store up to 99 test results for later review
    • Confirm channel connectivity by analyzing the fiber link
    • Locate sources of bit-error rates caused by end-face contamination or poor connection leads
    • Reports up to nine multiple events per fiber link

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