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  1. Fluke 6200-2

    Perform More Tests Each Day The Fluke 6200-2 PAT tester is a low weight, small size, one-touch solution with redesigned auto-test capabilities to help you increase the number of portable appliance tests completed each day. The 6200-2 is designed to enable you to work faster without compromising safety – yours or your customer’s. One-Touch Solution… Pre-set test routines are initiated from a single button. This not only simplifies testing but also facilitates a faster, more efficient way of working. Low Weight… Weighing approximately 3 kg, the 6200-2 is lightweight and easy to carry when working on-site. The hard rugged carrying case (supplied) not only offers protection during transit but also includes extra storage space for accessories and other tools. Small Size… This portable appliance testers is also extremely compact, and has Fluke’s traditional ruggedness to be able to withstand working in the field. Packed with all the features you need for testing portable appliances, a Fluke PAT tester is a complete all-in-one solution. Fluke Simplifies Portable Appliance Testing
    • Dedicated key for each test for ‘one-touch’ testing
    • Pre-set pass/fail levels to save time
    • Large backlit display for easy reading
    • Single mains socket for appliance connection
    • Separate IEC socket for easy mains/extension lead testing
    • Detachable test leads for quick field replacement
    • Integral carrying handle
    • USB port for data transfer
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    57,986.00 ฿
  2. Fluke 9040

    Phase rotation indicator with high voltage capability for industrial applications
    The Fluke 9040 is effective for measuring phase rotation in all areas where three phase supplies are used to feed motors, drives and electrical systems. The Fluke 9040 is a rotary field indicator and can provide clear indication of the 3 phase via an LCD display and the phase rotation direction to determine correct connections. It allows rapid determination of phase sequence and has a voltage (up to 700 V) and frequency range suitable for commercial and industrial applications. The included test probes have a variable clamping range for safe contact, also in industrial sockets.
    • 3 phase indication
    • Indication of phase rotation
    • Clear LCD display
    • No battery required

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    14,084.00 ฿
  3. Fluke 9062

    Unique phase rotation indicator with motor rotation ability
       The unique Fluke 9062 provides rotary field and motor rotation  indication with the benefits of contact-less detection. Purpose made  for commercial and industrial environments, the Fluke 9062 provides  rapid indication of 3 phase rotation using test leads supplied or can be  used to determine motor rotation on synchronous and asynchronous 3  phase motors. The contact-less detection is ideal for use on motors  where the shaft is not visible. The included test probes have a variable  clamping range for safe contact, also in industrial sockets.
    • 3 phase indication
    • Indication of phase rotation
    • Indication of motor rotation direction
    • Contact free determination of the rotation direction of  running motors

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    14,425.00 ฿
  4. GW Instek AFG-2225

       GW Instek is launching AFG-2225, its first basic level dual-channel arbitrary function generator, which provides superior features in its class. Both channels are equipped with same characteristics to fit dual-signal applications such as differential or IQ signaling. The outstanding cost-performance value makes the AFG-2225 a practical instrument to accelerate the development process.
    • Wide Frequency Ranges From 1μHz to 25MHz (sine/square wave)
    • 1 μHz Resolution in Full Range
    • Built-in Standard 120MSa/s, 10bit, 4k Points Arbitrary Waveform for Both Channels
    • True Dual-Channel Output, CH2 Provides the Same Characteristics as CH1
    • Couple, Tracking, Phase Operations of Dual Channel are Supported
    • 1% ~ 99% Adjustable Duty Cycle for Square Waveform
    • High Resolution and Colored TFT LCD with Friendly User Interface
    • Multiple Editing methods to Edit Arbitrary Waveform Easily
    • Built-in Standard AM/FM/PM/FSK/SUM/Sweep/Burst and Frequency Counter
    • USB Host/Device Interface for Remote Control and Waveform Editing

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  5. GW Instek AFG-3000 Series

       The AFG-3000 Series is arbitrary waveform generator designed for industrial, scientific research and educational applications. The series comes in bandwidths of 80MHz (AFG-3081) and 50MHz (AFG-3051) with built-in multiple standard waveforms to meet users' diversified needs.
       The AFG-3000 Series also provides a high 16 bit resolution, 200MSa/s sample rate and a 1M memory depth for editing arbitrary waveforms directly through the intuitive user interface. The Direct Waveform Reconstruction (DWR) function enables users to directly import waveforms from a GDS-2000 Series oscilloscope to the AFG-3000 via USB host, allowing users to edit waveforms and enhance measurement efficiency.
    • Wide frequency range from 1uHz to 80/50MHz
    • High 200MSa/s sampling rate
    • 16-bit Amplitude Resolution
    • Output from any section of 1M-point-long waveform
    • 3" high resolution LCD display/on-screen help/Impedance switch
    • Four ways to generate arbitrary waveform: Front Panel Operation
    • CSV file uploading, Direct Waveform Reconstruction (DWR), Arbitrary
    • Waveform Editing PC Software
    • USB, RS-232, GPIB interface support

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  6. GW Instek APS-1102

       The AC power supply APS-1102 is not only in the role as a precision AC/DC power source but also a powerful analyzer, containing abundant features for the testing and characteristic analysis of power supplies, electronic devices, components and modules. Besides providing AC/DC power, APS-1102 also allows free programming of outputs for the simulation of a power source with abnormal variations. The instantaneous interruption, frequency sweeping, voltage sweeping, and arbitrary waveforms of power source can be easily generated in accordance with the test requirements.
       The output function includes two main modes, AC and AC + DC. Each mode can be combined with any of the four signal sources, internal (INT), external (EXT), internal + external (ADD), and synchronization, to give an ultimate flexibility of power source setting. APS-1102 includes a multi-functional and user-friendly software, which supports the remote control of panel operations, Sequence editing and execution, Arbitrary waveform editing and transfer, and Data logging via USB interface.
    • AC power supply(Power Supplies
    • 7”large LCD display
    • Various output modes and measurement functions
    • AC-superimposed DC output
    • Capacitor input load supported
    • Sequence function
    • Limiter function
    • 30 Sets of SAVE / RECALL memories
    • USB(USBTMC)standard for remote control
    • Output On/Off Function
    • AC power supply

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  7. GW Instek APS-7000 Series

       APS-7000 is a series of programmable linear AC power supply, with the height of 2U and output frequency range is 45~500Hz, , the maximum rated output for APS-7050 is 500VA, 310Vrms, 4.2Arms and APS-7100 is 1000VA, 310Vrms, 8.4Arms. The optional collocation can be extended to the maximum output voltage of 600Vrms andmaximum output frequency of 999.9Hz.    The APS-7000 series comprises nine measurement and test functions (Vrms, Irms, F, Ipk, W, VA, PF, Ipk hold, CF), and provides user interfacesimilar to that of AC Power Meter. The APS-7000 series, via switching many sets of current levels to increase small current measurement resolution, is ideal for the LED industry and standby mode power consumption test.
    • 3 inch TFT-LCD Display, Only 88mm(2U) case height
    • Output Capacity: APS-7050(500VA), APS-7100 (1000VA)
    • Arbitrary Waveform Function
    • Surge/Dip control for output artificial surges or dips in voltage to a DUT
    • Measurement function comprises Voltage, Current, Power,
    • Apparent Power, Current(peak), IPKH, Frequency, Power
    • Factor, Crest Factor
    • 10 sets of the Sequence mode, Simulate mode, and
    • Programming mode
    • 10 sets of Preset allow users to store ten settings
    • Support Sequence, Simulate, and Program to automatically execute output after the equipment power is on
    • Support SCPI Emulation, LabVIEW Driver
    • Standard interface: USB Host, LAN
    • Support remoter control: Sync Output, Program mode signal output, Trigger In/Out, Output on/off

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  8. GW Instek GCT-9040

       40A AC ground bond tester GCT-9040 to augment the existing safety tester product line and to replace the legacy model GCT-630. The most unique feature is that GCT-9040can be externally connected with existing GPT-9800/9900/9900A series to further augment the functionalities of current safety testers. Furthermore, GCT-9040 can be operated to implement simultaneous test so as to elevate production efficiency.
    • AC 40A Ground Bone Tester
    • Measuring Resistance from 1mΩ~650mΩ
    • Connect with the GPT-9800/9900 series to become a multifunctional test or simultaneous test system
    • 240x64 Ice Blue Dot Matrix LCD
    • Function Key for quick selecting
    • High intensity flash for Caution & Status indication
    • PWM switching amplifier to enhance the power efficiency and reliable testing
    • 100 memory block for test condition setting.
    • Remote terminal on the front panel for “start” and “stop” remote active
    • Interface : USB device, Signal I/O and GPIB (optional)

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  9. GW Instek GDS-2000A Series

       GDS-2000A Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope offers 2 and 4-channel configurations and wide bandwidth selections, including 300MHz, 200MHz, 100MHz and 70MHz. Each model provides 2GSa/s maximum real-time sampling rate and 100GSa/s high-speed equivalent-time sampling rate. Equipped with an 8-inch 800 x 600 high-resolution TFT LCD display, 1mV/div to 10V/div vertical range and 1ns/div to 100s/div time base, the GDS-2000A Series is able to faithfully demonstrate waveforms of complicated and obscure signals.
    • 300MHz/200MHz/100MHz/70MHz Bandwidth ,2 or 4 Input Channel
    • 2GSa/s Real-time Sampling Rate and 100GSa/s Equivalent Time Sampling Rate
    • 2MegaPoints Record Length
    • 1mV /div to 10V/div of Vertical Range
    • 1ns/div to 100s/div of Time Base Range
    • 80,000 wfm/s of Waveform Update Rate
    • 8 inch 800600 High Resolution TFT LCD Display
    • Built-in Segmented Memory and Waveform Search Functions to Optimize the Efficiency of Record Length
    • Zoom Window and Play/Pause can Rapidly Navigate the Waveforms
    • 36 Automatic Measurement Functions Offers Various Measurement

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  10. GW Instek GPE-X323 Series

       GW Instek introduces the GPE-X323 series high resolution power supply to the global market. The GPE-X323 series features output power from 192 to 217 watts, three independent isolated output channels (GPE-X323), high resolution, low noise, high reliability, key lock function, and compact size. The GPE-X323 series has firmly established another new paradigm for GW Instek in manufacturing economy linear D.C. power supplies.
    • 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Independent Isolated Output
    • 3 Inch LCD Display
    • Setting & Read back Resolution 100mV / 10mA or 10mV / 1mA
    • Output ON/OFF
    • Analog Control (Remote I/O) for Output ON / OFF
    • Set View function for checking an original V / I setting during output on
    • Key Lock Function
    • Tracking series and parallel operation
    • Smart cooling fan achieving low noise
    • Optional European Jack Type Terminal

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